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Why Villa Agrimare?

Why Villa Agrimare?
  1. Because Villa Agrimare is Apulian , but also Gargano in spirit. Our Apulian character is in our oil , in the fruit trees, in the goats that pass in front of our gate every day. Our spirit is Garganico, linked to the sea and the land. The eyes splash from the sea to the landscape with expanses of olive trees, the woods of the Umbra Forest, the ravines of the coast, the trebuchets and ancient and fascinating villages. The mouth, on the other hand, is satisfied with traditional dishes such as orecchiette, burrata, taralli and our Spanish-style bruschetta (with streaked tomato, our ever-present extra virgin olive oil and vegetables from the garden)
  2. There are no time constraints, we offer accommodations where everyone manages their own time, so you can move around in complete freedom. You have no timetable, neither to return in the evening nor for breakfast in the morning. You will choose when to go around and when to enjoy the tranquility and the little things... even a game of cards around the table with the family.
  3. We don't have a lido beach, but we only have excellent advice to give to all those who will immerse themselves in our area. We recommend historical places, itineraries, guided tours, Gargano experiences to live and eat ?
  4. You can contain the costs of meals, having the freedom to eat according to your needs and requirements without the obligation to resort to restaurants. A kitchen at your complete disposal allows you to cook what you prefer, without giving up your health, your figure and without forgetting your eating habits. At the same time it offers the possibility to taste typical products bought on site.
  5. The Residence offers you the opportunity to visit and spend a splendid holiday in a tourist resort at low costs compared to those of hotels in order to spend your holidays in total relaxation.
  6. You will have internal services such as tennis, the bowling green and the swimming pool (for adults and children) completely free, but not only ... coin-operated washing machine, film screenings, and our excellent typical evenings, free too ?

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