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Often it is not only oil that glitters


We're here picking our olives, and after the storm of Xi-lella (that it is not present in the whole area of ​​the Gargano), we were overwhelmed by the recent news on counterfeiting and alteration of extra virgin olive oil ... . but it is not new for us (and for you ...?).
So it seems that the extra virgin olive oil has not peace, because of a small insect and especially for some unscrupulous profiteers, who, with large oil tanks comes to buy pure extra virgin olive oil freshly pressed by our mills ... here in Vieste.
Our extra virgin olive oil then, very probably, will be mixed with lampante oil  from somewhere .... 
The lampante oil, an oil that is not even edible, in fact, is imported in huge quantities from some of the largest italian oil companies, often through big ships! After an appropriate chemical adjustment is mixed with 'our' high quality oil ... and magically becomes ready on the shelves of every supermarket at ridiculous prices.
The chemical adjustments  serve the purpose of making oil obviously more pleasant: it is first mixed with various oils (sunflower, palm, etc.), beta-carotene and chlorophyll, to mask color and flavor ..... and then there is a chance that is further mixed with extra virgin olive oil, almost certainly of Italian origin.

In the early months of the year,  the New York Times published an article entitled "Suicide of extra virgin oil". The article unveiled the procedures of counterfeiting and presented numbers that leave little space for interpretation : according to the article, 69% of imported bottles would not reach the standards that allow an oil to be considered extra virgin olive oil.

So in the bottles on the market, often, extra virgin olive oil  isn't present.

- Buy the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE from local farms and mills ... and do not buy a fake oil fascinated by offers so much incredible as humiliating for people that had worked in this sector for centuries.
- Notice that many manufacturers can' t compete with these low prices so many sell abroad to Japanese or Americans to have more margins; those who can' t often abandon olive tree cultivation
- Note that the law provides that, to be classified as extra virgin, olive oil must have a very low degree of acidity, has a medium to intense fruity aroma and must be free from defects in smell or taste.

Pay attention to expiration dates because the characteristics of the oil can change over time and, during storage, an oil already bottled might produce an unpleasant taste of rancid that it could make it suitable for being classified as virgin though showing no chemical alteration.
 Remember that the AGRIMARE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL will never be mixed with other foreign oil  of any type and origin. It will be made only inside the Gargano area .... you know ... not we do not like fake things.
Our production is the result of a long tradition, unique microclimate, experience in conducting  the olive groves and, above all, passion.
For those who had already tasted this summer, and for those who are curious, I remind you that we accept reservations ..... So the ' AGRIMARE Extra Virgin Olive Oil',  freshly pressed, will be shipped to your home!

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