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Slow holidays are a concept that refers to a type of relaxing, unhurried vacation, where you have time to slow down the pace of life and fully enjoy your rest period. Instead of filling your agenda with lots of activities, entertainment and sightseeing, slow holidays focus on taking care of yourself and your family, getting to know a place slower and better.
Slow holidays are often also long, because they require diluting activities. The knowledge of a place is thus metabolized and the scents, tastes and perception of the places are better assimilated to build a vivid and strong memory, a well-designed and precise mapping of the place also built from consolidated sensations and perceptions.
Thus, a holiday is not a hurried holiday, where we risk overlapping and confusing our perceptions, experiencing the holiday and the place that welcomes us in a hurried and fast way, like the videos on you tube to which, alas, we are increasingly accustomed, but it is a holiday in which sensations are stratified.
The slow holiday is the usual holiday, a concept linked to the Italian tradition which has historical origins dating back to Roman times.
Holidaying is a term that derives from the Latin "villa" and indicates the practice of spending a holiday or rest period in a country location or by the sea. It's a concept that dates back to ancient times, when wealthy people withdrew from the cities to spend their free time in their country villas.
Over time, the concept of holiday has evolved and today it refers more generally to a holiday or a temporary residence in a tourist resort.

Villa Agrimare simply proposes this, the concept of vacation, of STAYING in a place LIVING it as fully as possible, without running but choosing to spend time immersed in nature, taking peaceful walks, practicing yoga or simply sitting in a quiet place to read a book, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, to enjoy a real break from everyday life.

We don't have a Lido beach, because there are so many places to discover on the Gargano in Puglia ?. Most of them are happy to return, so everyone finds their place, their bay, their restaurant, their favorite place. You choose activities that make you feel good to create an experience that is perfectly in line with your personal needs and preferences, guided tours of the Umbra Forest, excursions to the Tremiti islands, horse riding … But for this you need time , there is a need for slow times in which the hit and run gives way to an authentic knowledge of the place. The 'Pugliesità' must be lived.

Villa Agrimare offers the opportunity to slow down, reflect and recharge your batteries, to get away from commitments and fixed schedules, allowing you to live in the present moment and enjoy time in your own beach house with family and friends, without the pressure of deadlines and of performance. It's the opportunity to dedicate more to yourself, and cultivate what you don't have time to do at home, even cooking, or playing with the kids ?
The day is marked out in its unhurried moments. That's why it only offers long stays, absolutely no less than 7 nights. In fact, most of our stays are of two/three weeks. Slowing down during the holidays gives a sense of serenity and fullness that can last well beyond the rest period, creating precious bonds and memories, far from the frenzy and chaos. WELCOME to the world of Villa Agrimare and slowholiday, we leave the rush to others ?.
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