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Thanks a lot !!


Now the 2018 season of Villa Agrimare draws to a close. We could have continued, but as I explained to some of you I have never been good at overlapping family commitments with other activities .. and this is a particularly intense period for the beginning of the next school year.

I thank the many guests who have been with us this summer, those who have known us for the first time and friends who have known us for a while '. A special greeting to the first arrivals: Marco and Ivana ... and the last parties: Davide and Daniela!
And to all those who, despite wanting to come, have not succeeded.
I thank you also for the many suggestions you gave us by chatting while you were here .... we will treasure it ... thank you!

Finally, a special thanks to the whole team of Villa Agrimare: Doina, Nicola, mom, dad, my brother Nazzy, my husband Giovanni, the no little Alberto who started to make his contribution ... with a team so it's hard to make mistakes! !

From tomorrow some of us will begin to harvest, others to work for the summer 2019 ....

... See you next summer (always in Vieste)!
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